Team Building

Team building exercises don’t have to be drab events where you’re forced to make nice with your co-workers.

How about getting “locked” in a room with them instead? There, that sounds better, right? Go beyond the typical tug-of-war style team building and offer your company a unique opportunity to really let their leadership skills shine. Problem solving, creative thinking, communication and laughter. You only have 60 minutes to solve the mystery and get out before it’s too late. The pressure is on, can your team handle it?

Date / Ladies night

You’ve worked hard all week and you just need an ESCAPE from it all (see how clever we are?).

Spice it up a little bit and throw this unique experience in the mix of things to do on your hard earned night on the town. We do have one caveat, though. Since you’ll need your beautiful brain firing on all synapses, we suggest coming in before you down too many bellinis. But, lucky for you, we are located right downtown and are a stone's throw away from many-a-fine watering holes so you can get your fix after you Escape (providing you do, indeed, escape).

So grab your gals, your pals or your special lova and come into Exitus Room.

Side note, we do watch and listen to you while you’re playing the game, so couples--BE NICE. No fighting. It’s just a game. Don’t make us come in there.

Special Events

Everybody wants to come to Jackson Hole and it’s not hard to see why.

But every once in awhile a body just gets tired and needs a break from all the extreme activities this area offers, and let’s face it, not everybody can climb the grand. So if you’re getting married, aging another year or your entire extended family has descended upon our fair town and you need a fun and entertaining activity, come into Exitus!

Want to have a party? We do too! Just show up sober and it’s game on. Want to add some party favors to a bachelor/bachelorette party? We aren’t scared. Just keep it legal and we are happy to hide “surprises” around the room.

Parties are limited to Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays. Call us to hash out the details




Don’t want to bring the whole dang calvary to us? Let us come to you! Perfect for company parties, dinners, and large group events, Exitus can provide a quick(ish), table top, mobile riddle box that will be sure to challenge and entertain your staff, clients, congregation, friends or families. Average time for solving is about 20-40 minutes and each box can accommodate up to 4-8 people per table. With 8 separate boxes we can host group sizes of up to 64 people. YOWZA! Our game masters will attend your event to facilitate groups, introduce the mission, deliver hints, and to make sure that all’s well that ends well. Good for all ages, though we suggest 10 and up.  

  • Cost depends on group size and location, so please submit an email inquiry or call.

  • Game Masters must attend

  • Minimum group size of 15

  • Must be booked 2 week in advance

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