Rainy Day Activities to do in Jackson Hole

Rainy Day Activities to do in Jackson Hole

Off season group activities and entertainment

Off season in Jackson-- oh how we locals long for that time. Twice a year our fair town is returned to us, quiet, peaceful, serene. We can finally get across town square without fear of hitting (or being hit by) someone. The streets are no longer clogged with RVs --towing SUVs--towing trailers. The locals smile again. Your servers and bartenders have time to actually engage with you.  And you can finally make that left turn onto Broadway. Yes, off-season is the ticket around here. But if you're not one of the lucky ones fleeing the hills for warmer climes and international adventures, things can get a little boring. But fear not friends, I am whipping up a small list of activities to keep your mojo running and your need for adventure sated.



1. Bowling.

No surprise here, but Jackson houses one of the most bad-ass bowling alleys I have ever been to. Forget about that stuffy, depressing, weird smelling bowling alley you're used to, where all you can get is a flacid hot dog and a bud light. This place is one classy joint! Hole Bowl offers a jazzed up, hipster bowling scene with great food (say what?), good music and a big city vibe. Not into bowling? Pop a squat at the Pinsetter Restaurant or pull up a stool at their tres-chic bar and enjoy an incredibly eclectic menu and cocktail list. The bowling alley is a happening place so call to reserve your lane.


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2. Exitus Escape Room

Guys, don't knock it until you try it. Yes, it's true; groups of people are willingly getting locked in a themed room to see if they are smart enough to get out. Really! This a thing. A really fun thing to boot! Teams work together using logic, wit, and creative thinking to solve a labyrinth of puzzles in order to get out of the room....all in under an hour! It's like Clue meets Saw, but nobody is required to chop off a limb in order to survive. Perfect for groups looking for team building exercises, families wanting a good old-fashioned bonding experience, bachelor/bachelorette parties, date night, ladies night or anybody looking to flex their brain muscles and prove their intellectual mettle. If you are looking for something to do in that boring time between seasons or a rainy, drizzly day, this is an excellent activity.  Exitus didn't invent the wheel here, people. Escape Rooms are popping up all over the world and this is a great addition to our little community. As many of us know, when the rain comes, before the snow falls, there isn't much to do. Until now. Exitus Escape Room takes appointments so book your reservation ahead of time.


3. Healing Waters

 We Jacksonites are notably proactive with our health and wellness and as my mom would put it "you can't swing a cat without hitting a self-proclaimed yogi in Jackson" (pardon the graphic idiom, but come on--am I right or am I right?) Well, enter Healing Waters, the latest addition to our health-conscious community! Get your float on and experience zero gravity in these incredibly therapeutic sensory deprivation pods. In a world that is overrun with a constant buzz from gadgets and gizmos, Healing Waters offers an escape from the stress and sensory overload of the world at large. The gravity free environment of these salt water pods creates a mind-body serenity and has been used to help depression, PTSD, high blood pressure and even addiction.  Clear your mind, relax and reset! Book an appointment at Healing Waters and float on to a calmer, more centered you.


4. Volunteer

Philanthropy is trendy in Jackson and with around 250 non-profit organizations operating in Teton County, there is no shortage of opportunity to pitch in for the greater good. While it might be off-season for some of us, the hard working folks making Jackson a better place never run out of a need for volunteers. Flex your altruism and dive into the world of food rescue with the ladies at Hole Food Rescue. Are animals more your thing? Get your fur-baby fix at the Animal Adoption Center by taking a pup for a walk, or have a slumber party and foster one for the weekend. For a full list of volunteer opportunities check out Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Non-Prof Directory. And go you for being self-less!


That's just the tip of the iceberg, folks. With an open mind and a little creativity you should have no problem keeping yourself adequately entertained during the off-season in Jackson Hole.



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