Posted: Apr 20, 2018

Forrest Fenn's Treasure--It DOES exist

Check out this Yahoo article and get pumped to find some treasure!

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Posted: Sep 14, 2017

Rainy Day Activities to do in Jackson Hole

Off season group activities and entertainment

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Posted: Sep 12, 2017

The Ups and Downs of Starting a Business in Jackson Hole for Groups

My story about the struggles of the good and the bad of starting a group...

In February of 2017 I finally got off my rump and did something I had been talking (and talking and talking) about for years; I started a business. Just a small little entertainment business by the name of Exitus Escape Room in downtown Jackson Hole, WY. And for the first time in years I felt...
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Posted: Apr 3, 2017

Brandi Weesen briefs the players

An overview before the players enter the room.

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Posted: Mar 15, 2017

Cabin fever: Did Jackson PD’s crack squad solve the case?—Part 2

The Jackson six—all department heads of the cop shop—began the game by cheating. Most civilians struggle at first to find enough light to work in after entering the creepy, poorly lit cabin. These cops all had their personal flashlights beaming in every direction like light sabers...
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