Exitus is an Escape Room!

Escape Rooms are a fun, new, immersive entertainment concept.

It is a place to forget about cell phones and social media and get back to real, live human interaction. It is a physical and mental strategy game in which players are “locked” in a room and have to use the elements of the room, mental fortitude, wit and teamwork to solve puzzles and crack codes. You and your teammates must cooperate with each other to solve the mysteries of the room.

Can you keep cool under pressure and use the powers of your mind to escape in ONE HOUR?

Book today to see if you can beat the clock!

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game rules

Escape Game Rules

Before Entering the Room

  1. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time to allow the gamemaster to provide complete instructions and rules, go over liability waivers and introduce the backstory of the game.
  2. Drugs and alcohol are not permitted. If any player shows up intoxicated they will be asked to reschedule. This is for the safety of the individual as well as other players. Since this is a mentally challenging game, it is in the best interest of you and your team to have a clear mind and have your powerful brains firing on all synapses. Our philosophy is “never before, always after!”
  3. Except as required for health and/or safety reasons, players are not permitted to bring personal belongings into the room. This includes, but is not limited, to cell phones, laptops, backpacks, recording devices and food or beverage. Please put all personal belongings in the bins provided. All of your items will be safe (unless you have gold bullion, in which case we make no promises). This is mostly to maintain the integrity of the rooms and to ensure that none of our secrets are leaked or recorded. Mystery and intrigue is our bread and butter and what brings people through our doors. Why ruin the fun for other players?!
  4. On that note, please do not bring anything flammable or explosive or any knives or firearms into our rooms. We understand that this is the wild west, but check your holster at the door. City folk are uncomfortable with weapons (and quite frankly, so are we).

While in the Room

  1. Please note that you are NOT actually locked in the room, only symbolically to enhance the feel of the game. At any time you can get out. The idea of being locked in a room is simply part of the game. At no point do we intend to make anyone uncomfortable or put anyone in harm's way. The design of each room has taken into account all necessary precautions and is not comprised of harmful objects. Any voluntary or involuntary action of a participant that may result in harm is expressly the participants responsibility. Fun is the name of the game.
  2. Participants are under surveillance. This is not a Big Brother/NSA scenario, but offers our gamemasters the most effective way of making sure that participants are on track with puzzle solving and that everyone in the room is playing nice and being safe. Safety first, kids!
  3. The objects in the room can be fragile. While we encourage our players to look under, behind and inside objects and even to manipulate some, we ask that you DO NOT attempt to FORCE anything open or abuse any of our props. Normal wear and tear is expected, but if there is excessive damage or obvious abuse to objects, furniture or props the players could be held responsible for repair or replacement of the item(s) or legal recourse may be taken. Don’t waste your money on having to replace our props. Save your rupees to buy yourself a new hat.
  4. Our games and puzzles are based on logic, deduction and rational solutions and do not require special or uncommon knowledge, nor will terrific feats of human strength (or violence) need to be employed at any time. Heating, electrical and surveillance systems are not part of the game and are not to be tampered with. Use common sense and please don’t electrocute yourself.
  5. Please adhere to any signage in the room that says “DO NOT TOUCH”, “DO NOT OPEN”, “DO NOT REMOVE”. These signs are for your protection.
  6. While we encourage people of all ages to play, we do require children under the age of 14 to be accompanied by an adult. Children from 14-17 must have a written consent from a parent before playing.


  1. This is a game, HAVE FUN!
  2. Use your brains, not your braun.
  3. Teamwork is vital--speak up, communicate.
  5. Don’t be late, or you will waste valuable time and may not be able to escape.
  6. If you can’t escape, we will still let you leave. Maybe.
  7. Please don’t spoil the fun for other guests by revealing our secrets.
  8. When leaving the room, be aware that other guests in the lobby area are probably poised to play the same game you just did. SHHHHH! Mums the word.
  9. It’s one hour people, show up sober! Celebrate (or ruminate) after.
  10. Play at your own risk. Exitus is not liable.
  11. There is surveillance in the rooms and you may be recorded but Exitus will not use any photos or videos for advertising, online or otherwise, without your signed consent.